As a sports therapist I have a comprehensive range of clinical experience from physiotherapy clinics, gym / rehab settings and and more recently worked with the British army as a remedial exercise instructor. This involves carrying out 1:1 musculoskeletal assessments, diagnoses & exercise therapies to assist troops to return to full mainstream pt. The classes I take to assist with this include strength & conditioning for rehab, yoga & mobility & hydrotherapy.  When based in Bracknell, my clients vary from the sporting professional to the general public. Assessments, diagnosis & treatments are tailored to the individual for short & long term resolution. Treatments are personalized to each individual and continually adapted to restore function and build capacity to previously injured tissues. Treatments include soft tissue massage / release, muscle energy techniques, myofascial blading, taping, rehab exercises, stretches & education. Biomechanical assessments can be carried out to identify insufficiencies in any of part of the kinetic chain and addressed accordingly.  Additionally I analyse running gait and teach strength & conditioning for running and hold olympic weightlifting instruction level 3. I believe in maintaining high professional integrity with clients and keeping discussion open.

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Lucy Redhouse Sport Rehabilitator MSc

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Lucy graduated with a Masters in Sports Rehabilitation in 2017,  is a qualified Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Practitioner.  Lucy has a broad range of clinical experience, having treated both in clinic and gym environments and is passionate about restoring strength & capacity to prevent re-injury. 
During her time at university Lucy was awarded for excellence whilst on her clinical placements demonstrating the highest professional standards.

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